PT. Selecindo Prima Energi

Welcome to PT. Selecindo Prima Energi. We are a company that established since 2017 engaged in industrial Kabel Lug, Joint Sleeve, Clamp Cable, Connector Cable, Insulator, Joint PIN. We were in Jl. Pembangunan, Pergudangan Bwtc, No C3. Discover the variety of our best products (alat-alat listrik, kabel listrik, aksesoris jaringan listrik, SUTR, SUTM, perlengkapan kerja) with quality and the best price you can get.


PT. Selecindo Prima Energi is a company engaged in the sale of electrical appliances. We are located at Deli Serdang. In this modern era, many companies are competing to become distributors and suppliers of cheap electrical equipment in Indonesia. Our products have quality and guaranteed quality so they can be relied on for your industry.



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